Ujjala Schwartz, msc

Masks of Transformation

As an esthetician, I use cosmetic masks on my clients, which transforms their face once removed.

Masks cover the face, to protect, and to create new images.  When I work with the clay, shapes start to form and the clay is transformed, revealing shapes, colors and emotional feelings. Like the human face, the masks have imperfections.

When I first started making masks, it was a time when I was going through a healing process in my life. The masks became an expression of what I was experiencing and feeling.

I’ve been fascinated by masks since childhood; especially colorful tribal masks. The result is a body of work that resembles art of indigenous cultures, folk and “outsider art”, which draw from emotional centers of myself.

These are my masks of transformation for all to enjoy.  

These are my masks of transformation for all to enjoy. 
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