Ujjala Schwartz, msc
To exercise with a "Wholeistic" approach, we need to exercise our eyes, mind and body.

Body Movement

Healthy Meals

Along with exercise, the food we eat is equally important for your good health and well being. Every day meals should be tasty and beautiful to look at, too! Below are a few of my recipes for healthy, nutritious meals. More of my recipes will be available for a modest fee and download soon -- if you want to order my cookbook, please fill out the form on my Home page and request the cookbook in the message section.

Host a Cooking Party
Have a cooking party in your own home with family or friends, and enjoy a fun time learning together how to prepare healthy, simple, delicious meals in your own home. (No more than
​6-10 people.)

Ujjala's Recipes

AVOCADO PUDDING - A delicious, creamy chocolate pudding with no dairy.

More recipes to come . . .

Body Movement Videos with Ujjala

SmartBells in the Water - Ujjala teaches the benefits of using sculptured weights in the water. 

SmartBells for Healing - Ujjala talks about the importance of this unique exercising tool for healing and well being.

With more than 45 years of experience in body movement, dance and exercise, I have incorporated sculptured weights into my work as a health educator, combining my philosophy of awareness through the body, mind and emotions. 

Experience a whole new way to exercise integrating stretching, yoga, tai chi, aerobics, group and pair workout into one short time frame with the goals of building the mind/body connection, moving the chi energy and creating muscular endurance. 

Sculptured weights conform to the body and remain balanced in the circular movements of the core routine. They are ideal for everyone regardless of age, size or fitness levels and are fun to use, promote flexibility, range of motion, strength, vitality and zest for life!